Choose between our two sizes (they cover 90% of all shirt buttons)

10,3 mm dotons* (diameter)

11,5 mm dotons* (diameter)

*fits best on 2mm thick shirt buttons

Print as many colors you would like on:

white base dotons

black base dotons

Customize the front and back of your packaging

48x60mm card

4+4 color

Smile! Communicate! Represent! Show how you feel today! (:

Latest news: Nils and Viktor is back in Sweden, developing dotons and booking new exhibitions around Europe. Let us know if you are interested working with us! or +46 73 69 65 698

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CUSTOMIZE YOUR New packaging!


  • 50 pcs MQ
  • 1 week delivery time
  • Patented innovation
  • Made in Sweden
for placing an Order please contact:

How to use your button cover!

1. dotons is a cover, designed to fit on your shirt button!

2.  We decorate the cover with your favorite color, a pattern or

  your logo.

3.  Then you just have to press it on to your shirt button!

4.  Walk around and spread joy with your new personalized


Get your print on the button cover!


Expose your brand close to your body, together with your spoken values, involvement and movements. Make your client feel trust with you and your brand.


Wear your brand elegant in a new modern way on shirt buttons. Carry your brand on both your business shirt as well as on your private shirt. 


Decorate dotons with your brand for representing your company internally. Give dotons to others with your concept color, a pattern or a symbol with your values.

Decorate your button covers exactly the way you want to! Get dotons delivered in 4-7 days!

We deliver everything from classic one-colored button covers to the most detailed prints there is! How does your button cover look?

We offer covers to the two most common button sizes, 10,3mm and 11,5mm. We let you mix these sizes! Choose from a white or black button cover finish!

We deliver covers with a very high print quality and accurate color matching that can handle machine washing up to 60°C.

We have our own production in Småland, Sweden which deliver quality made products for you within 2-5 days! viktor is the global master of button covers! you can send him any question below!

Viktor Kockum

I'll fix everything regarding your order!

+46 73 05 06 456

Nils Lindfors

I'll visit you with samples!

+46 73 69 65 698

Every little thing we make is produced under the very same roof in Småland, Sweden!

Viktor Kockum

+46 73 05 06 456

Nils Lindfors

+46 73 69 65 698

dotons AB

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