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A bit about me, Nils Lindfors, the founder of dotons.

Already as a kid I had a big interest for inventing things and picking things apart and putting them back together. Anything from building traps made out of strings, balls and whatever I could find for my little sister, to building homemade radios, picking apart that new toy to see how it worked or trying to sew a hot air balloon from plastic bags and a candle as burner.

A strong creative side passed down to me from my great great grandfather I believe, whom was an award winning inventor in Paris in the 1800’s. So growing up its maybe not surprising that I wanted to be an inventor, like all the characters that build crazy and extraordinary things from books and movies. But as time went on the idea of building a rocket to go to mars or a car that could fly cooled off a bit, but the thought of creating something of my own was still strong.

So as so many others after finishing school, I urged for something new and something different. So with no plans or connections I booked a bus ticket and left the country. Perhaps not very far granted, but still to a place very different and much bigger than what I was used to. So I arrived in Oslo the capital of our neighbor Norway at the age of 19 with no idea what to next.

But I had my mind set on making it on my own and after many calls and visits to businesses of all kinds I managed to get a job a clothes store. I’ve always like fashion but especially small details presented in an elegant way or through well placed colouring. So as it happened one day we received a batch of shirts with the buttons coloured in different colours. Extra sparks of blue, yellow and red that really made something change with the shirt, and this really appealed to me. How easy it would be to give something that little extra touch. To carry a small detail that changed the ordinary, a feeling just for you or maybe something standing for what you believed and made you be you.

Now acting on ideas and actually going through with them for real is a big step from just thinking them up. This was not the first thing that I thought of creating, but it was one that did not leave my mind. So one day I quit my job and left Norway to head back home and build upon this idea that would eventually become known as dotons.

 It was somewhat like what I experienced when I first got to Oslo, like a big forest with so many paths but with a clear goal on the other side of all of those trees. Along the way months filled with planning, drawing, long nights of thinking, meeting so many helpful people and learning so much. And then one day you reach your destination. That thought a long time ago turned in to an actual creation ready to meet the world and bring that little bit extra in so many different ways.